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The Foundation for the Study of Hiphop Consciousness
Our Services
The Foundation for the Study of Hiphop Consciousness offers a variety of services:

Presentations and Workshops:

These presentations/workshops are designed to help educate those who are interested in obtaining an in-depth understanding of Hiphop culture and Rap music.  We have many years of experience in presenting Hiphop Culture and Rap music to Hiphoppers as well as those who simply seek to learn more about it. These presentations/workshops run between 1 to 2 hours in length but can be modified.  Note that although it may not be stated in the following outline, we always begin our presentations/workshops with a brief look into the history of Hiphop culture and the origins of its Elements (Rapping, Djing, Graffiti Art and Breakin) as well as giving a definition of what Hiphop Culture is.  Please further understand that due to space constraints, we have only highlighted some of the key points of our presentations/workshops.  The following are just some of the topics we cover.

Hiphop: In Search of Atonement, Reconciliation and Responsibility

In this presentation, we will unveil an outline on Hiphop's need for atonement.  We will cover the following issues: acknowledging the wrongs, reconciliation, reaching out to those who are feeling the ill effects of Hiphop Culture and Rap music, responsibility, and putting into action a plan for Hiphoppers and community leaders to work together to find solutions to problems plaguing our communities.  Hiphop is a complex mainstay in American society and it is now time for Hiphop and those who live out the culture to be active in creating positive change in todays ever-changing world.  This presentation will show how this can take place and explain why it is necessary.

Hiphop as a Social, Spiritual and Educational Tool

Since its inception, about 30 years ago, Hiphop has been educating children, teens and adults alike.  This presentation will highlight the powerful impact Hiphop Culture and the Elements (Rapping, Djing, Graffiti Art and Breakin) have had in educating not only inner-city youth, but suburban youth as well.  This presentation will educate and edutain the audience with discussions on lyrics and their educational value as well as the educational value of Hiphop's other Elements.  We will highlight the social impact Hiphop has had on American society and abroad.  As well, we will explore the spiritual aspects of Hiphop Culture, from spiritual education via Rap lyrics to the idea that Hiphop Culture is a spiritual movement in its essence.

Hiphop Culture and The Rap Music industrys Effect on Society

The debate about Hiphop's influence on our youth is well known.  The materialism, misogyny, violence and drug reference seem to be the dominant subject in mainstream Rap music.  This is a fact recognized by those directly involved in Hiphop as well as outsiders looking in. This presentation will discuss some of the reasons and bring clear and concise information as to who is perpetrating and supporting this behavior.  We will highlight solutions to how we can positively effect change and still support talented Rap artists.

Hiphop Philosophy

Although Hiphop Culture maintains a variety of cultural expressions and philosophical ideologies, overall, it is one culture and has one binding philosophy.  KRS One put it best, Rap is something you do, Hiphop is something you LIVE.   Therefore, we may Rap about different topics ranging from gang activity to the creation of the universe, but one thing remains; Rap is something you do in many forms, but Hiphop is something you live collectively and many times in a similar way.  In this presentation, we will explore the many philosophies of Hiphop culture and also explore the collective consciousness of the youth who help to shape Hiphop Culture and Rap music.




The Foundation for the Study of Hiphop Consciousness is available for private consultations to any groups, organizations, or individuals who are seeking to better understand Hiphop Culture and its proper application in the context of their respective field of work.

Artist Development:

The Foundations unique artist development program is designed to assist Hiphop artists in maximizing their potential without compromising their artistic integrity.  Ultimately, the aim of this program is to ensure longevity and quality artistry balanced with social responsibility.


For booking and additional info, please contact us at: or 323-281-1412.